NRG Interface

NRG Interface


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This app allows users to quickly and easily extract and export corridor and alignment data from any Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® file.


When the NRGEXPORTALIGNMENTS command is evoked, the user is prompted to select the required horizontal geometry. At this point multiple alignments can be selected. Next the required vertical data is selected and an *.NST file is produced containing the selected data. This can then be opened directly into the NRG Survey system.


The NRGEXPORTCORRIDORS command invites the user to select the corridors required. With corridors chosen, the user must select the necessary feature lines and an NRG ground plot file is produced, containing all selected coordinates and features.


All output data can be opened in NRG and either exported out directly to an instrument for setting out, or manipulated for use in earthworks volume calculations, cross section reports or one of the many other functions of the NRG Survey System. 

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Wersja, 2016-04-12
First release.

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