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FieldCAD is a data processing plug-in of Autodesk® Civil 3D® Software which is developed by FieldTech Engineering Company. It is designed for surveyors, archaeologists, civil engineers, and such field experts to facilitate and accelerate the project cycle, reduce operational costs, and prevent data loss and errors.


All the commands in FieldCAD Plug-in are conjunctions of functions to get the output drawing practically. Thus, FieldCAD aims to increase efficiency all over the project cycle. Only ftdrawpoint and ftdesignatelabel commands are designed for field use of our product Ergo-Field. Others can be used both in the field and the office. Please visit our products catalog for more information about Ergo-Field hardware and its tablet PC interface software FieldTech Assistant. Please contact us via our e-mail address ( for more information and purchasing. A personal assistant will contact you and provide you all the details and setup instructions related to our products.


The plug-in is easy to use. Please read the explanations here and check the video tutorials here to comprehend the effective use of the commands.

Opis wersji testowej

Please visit the FieldTech Store website and proceed with the subscription phase by clicking on this link since the Autodesk App Store online payment system is inactive in the developer's country.


Please keep in mind that the trial option on this page allows you to try the FieldCAD full version for 15 days.

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Wersja 1.0.0, 29.08.2023
Initial release.

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