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This Add-In draws Coordinate Grids that are linked to closed polylines.


 - The created grids are linked to the polyline and react to any changes;

 - The Polyline can be of any shape (as long as it's closed);

 - They are persistent. That means after saving, closing and reopening the link prevails;

 - You can store grid settings such as: Layer, TextStyle, Plot (on, off), format ([x,y], [E,N]), etc.;

 - Easy edition. A Contextual Ribbon Tab appears when the grid is selected, helping the user to make changes to all grids created in the      drawing;

 - Merges to Autodesk® AutoCAD® without major changes (Dedicated ribbon button in Add-ins tab and Options tab);

 - Very Easy-To-Use yet spares hard drafting work.

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Wersja, 28.03.2019
Added 2020 support.

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  • Easy and fast
    nasir sons | kwietnia 21, 2020 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Very easy and fast awesome app thanks

  • Useful
    Moin Malik | czerwca 12, 2019 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Very useful. Specially, dynamic changes option at any time.

  • great
    Anna Papanastasiou | sierpnia 30, 2018 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    easy & fast. thank u

    Wele Welenton | grudnia 04, 2017 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)


  • Buena
    Eloy Cardenas | października 05, 2017 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Buen aporte, simplifica mucho el trazado de coordenadas, muy acertado y dinámico con respecto a variaciones y edición de los contenidos (coordenadas y cotas). A veces falla al querer modificar las opciones en el texto horizontal. Por eso le pongo 4 estrellas y no 5, de todos modos, muy buen aporte con este plugins.

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