PVcase Ground Mount

PVcase Ground Mount

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To try a free trial of the software or purchase a license please visit our website: www.pvcase.com


PVcase brings unique qualities and revolutionary features to the field of solar design.
Fully customizable fixed tilt frame & park parameters
2D layout generation for quick results.
3D topographical measurement based layout for precise outcomes.
Nature object shading calculations & automatic draw-up.
Topographical mesh production from height measurements.
Terrain slope gradient heatmap creation.
Automatic cross section production.
Pole coordinate extraction for ramming.
Automated & completely customizable stringing.
Simple system setup for automated custom equipment placement.
2D cabling with a fully automatic or semi-auto approach.
Automated 3D cabling for precise cable lengths.
3D exports for visual software along with produced 3D topography mesh, gradient slope other objects.
One-click 3D topography based shading scene import to PVSyst with PV frames & shading objects.

Pinpoint accuracy – a revolution in design precision
3D data can be imported directly from site in DWG or point data format, giving a true 3D terrain representation. This means your solar layout can be designed to within 1mm accuracy. This leads to a smooth installation, no re-designs or having to make things fit on-site. Also, the energy yield estimates will be closer to the actual values than ever before.

Automation – fast results
The mechanical,  repetitive tasks and calculations are automated, making the design process lean and fast. This means you can complete more projects in less time. PVcase‘s agile approach to design means a 46% reduction in design time, equating to roughly 90 hours saved on each design. The working time saved translates to approximately €75,000 in annual savings. 

Intuitive interface – get up and running in hours, not days 
The user interface will feel familiar as PVcase is an add-on to Autodesk® AutoCAD®. All of the additional tools and features have been rigorously designed to be easy-to-use and understand.  You won’t need extensive training to use PVcase. Any member of the engineering team can pick it up quickly and understand the features and tools.

For more information, contact: support@pvcase.com or visit our website www.pvcase.com

To see PVcase in action, please visit our site to schedule a Free 2-week trial and Introduction Demo. www.pvcase.com


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 4.7.1 version of .NET framework is required.

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Versão, 30/03/2022
Release notes: https://help.pvcase.com/en/articles/5265074-release-notes-2-8

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  • Saves Time, Optimizes Site, and Less Errors
    cody hornyak | abril 07, 2022

    PVcase saves me a ton of time. You can quickly make a tracker layout and easily change it to optimize your site better. Less errors are made using PVcase too instead of doing things 'by hand'.

    The one thing I would like PVcase to improve on is their DC design function.

  • Saved TONS of time
    Liu Tas | março 28, 2021

    Finaly something to make my weeks of pain to become hour of fun :)

  • Ideal for EPC companies!
    Adomas Pazarauskas | julho 11, 2018 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    Helps you cut down a substantial amount of time for both 3D PV layouts & electrical system design.

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