Copy and Paste Attribute Values


Copy attributes values from a block and paste in other block. The blocks don't need to have the same names and don't need to be in the same workspace or file. The values will be pasted by the attributes tags.


If you want copy attribute tag values, select a block with attributes and a dialog box will appear. Using shift or control, select the attribute tags that you want to copy the values and press OK. Then, select the block to paste the attribute values or press enter to paste in a block in other file or workspace.


Otherwise, if you want to paste attribute tag values, after start the app, press enter again following the instructions in command line. Then, select the block that you want to paste the attribute tag values. The destination block don't need to have the same name and don't need to be in the same workspace or file than the origination block. But must to have attributes with the same tag names as selected in dialog box when copied.

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