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This application provides routines to develop stream breaklines from defined cross-sections, alignments, and profiles. The 3Dpolylines are used to define breaklines for the channel surface to create a riffle pool sequence within the design surface. The inputs are based on reference reach parameters and provide user feedback to allow for design review. The most recent design itteration is stored within the alignment so rapid adjustments and design iterations may be performed for design optimization.


The tool also includes a utility to convert 3D polylines to profiles along an alignment to facilitate projecting the thalwag breakline to the profile for plan production.


版本 1.1.0, 2021/9/13
Stream Tools first update includes fixes for profile proration error and project points to 3D polyline error that occurred with the first point did not land on the alignment. The reference method was adjusted to define the riffle depth at the middle of the tangent section. Added the option to define riffle drop through cross-sections and bankfull line rather than defining the pool drop (this value is typically 0) for use in steeper systems where structures are being used for grade control.



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