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Important note: AVCAD now contains AVCAD Pictorial.

Important note: No need for SQL-Servers, use Dropbox/Google Drive /Shared Network Disks/OneDrive/etc and work from everywhere!

This is the Autodesk® AutoCAD® version of the AVCAD. If you want to work with AVCAD for Autodesk® Revit®, please, refer to this page: AVCAD RV

AVCAD helps engineers and designers create Interconnection Block Schematics with engineering information. Rack Layouts, Cable and Equipment's Lists and even more.
AVCAD supports custom parameters such as prices, weight, heat, install time and many more


AVCAD's purpose is the creation of accurate, detailed and well readable schemes along with all kinds of reports using simple and intuitive tools.


1) Block Schematic tools:

    Pre-created Equipment Library containing most commonly brands used in AV-IT industry (Crestron, Extron, BSS, Biamp, AJA, BlackMagic, etc.)

    Drag and drop the selected devices to the desired location on a drawing.

    Default layers for every kind of scheme circuit. Just choose from Audio, Video, Control, Power, etc.

    Fast filter changing for distinguishing the types of interconnection.

    Fast replace of the devices on the drawing

    Drawing Patch and Termination Panels.

    Tools for Cable Drawing and Labelling.

2) Rack Layout Tools:

    Creating Rack Furniture

    Placing the equipment to Rack Layout. All devices have their real dimensions.

3) Report Tools:

    Cable List

    Equipment List

    Power Consumption List

    IP Tables.

4) User Databases.

    AVCAD Base Manager helps you to create your own equipment library using a standalone application.

    Easy distribution of your databases via Dropbox, Google Drive, and shared disks. No SQL-servers needed.


You can create own databases using the free app Base Manager.

To get the full free library of devices to visit https://www.aadbsoftware.com/support

To get more information visit www.aadbsoftware.com



版本 2.7.0, 2021/1/7
1) ChangeFilters and ChangeConnectors plugins were embedded into AADB plugin 2) Feathers, Arrows, Mark Cables were merged together into MarkCables ribbon tab 3) DrawRack, Fillrack and Drawfree were merged into Racks ribbon tab 4) All the plugins are using WPF interfaces now. 5) AADB - new functionality - import from excel (from AVCAD Database Manager and from Schemes Manager's equipment list) 6) AADB - new functionality - changed view of the sysname prompt. Now you can add multiple devices with iteration for the system name 7) ABOC - new functionality - selection of the main route polyline to make a lot of connections 8) Schemes Manager - new functionality - project attributes (you can add any information to the particular device such as Serial Number or VLAN etc) 9) Few minor bugs fixed



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