TL Add Point To Point Group

TL Add Point To Point Group



The Autodesk® Civil 3D® process for adding cogo points to a point group involves opening the prospector, locating the point group and opening the properties window, switching to the include tab, clicking the Selection set in drawing button and finally dismissing the Point group properties window.


This app provides a shortcut for this task by providing a command line whereby you're prompted for a cogo point selection and the app handles the rest without any graphical user interface elements getting in the way. This may come in handy while manually going through a lot of survey points, for example, and categorizing them into various groups.


Note that the app will only manipulate the "Include > with numbers matching" query and will include/exclude the point numbers from the list. It will not touch any of the other options or the Exclude tab


版本 2019.9.15, 2021/4/25
Added 2022 support Added command to remove a point number from the point group list Added functionality to format the point query: sort, filter duplicates and compress/expand point numbers into point ranges User now can select a point group by index instead of having to type in the point group name



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