Markforged for Autodesk® Fusion®

Markforged for Autodesk® Fusion®

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The Add-In simplifies model upload and additive setup creation for Markforged 3D printers. The Add-In is a connector between Autodesk® Fusion® and Markforged 3D printers. It can be used to transfer Fusion models to Markforged’s  EigerTM software ( You can select a tessellated Fusion model to be transferred to EigerTM and the selected mesh body will be automatically uploaded to your Eiger account. Using this Addin, you can also select a solid Fusion model to be transferred to your EigerTM account. For solid models, the Add-in will tessellate your selected model based on your customizable tessellation preference during the upload process. Uploaded models will be available within the “My Parts” section of your EigerTM software.


The Add-in can also be used to create an Additive Setup for the Markforged’s metal binder jet PX100 3D printers in the “Manufacture” workspace of Fusion. Having created an Additive Setup, you can orient your models and scale them up based on your material selection to compensate for the shrinkage during the sintering process. You can then arrange your models within the build volume of your machine and create the necessary machine build file (*.CLI) to 3D print your setup.

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Verze, 15.05.2024
Updated dependencies.

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