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Gear Trains Maker

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The plugin creates gear trains for various sets of parameters. It lets you create single gears, pairs of gears, adapters (single-stage reductions), and trains assembled with many stages. Each gear can be dimensioned in millimeters or inches independently. Units of axles can be changed too. You can set ordinary parameters like module, pressure, or helix angle or apply modifications by profile shifting, tip reliefs (addendum), backlashes, tapering, or chamfers. Profile shift factors can also be calculated automatically in case of manually set center distance (by X-Y shift). Components can be copied between documents and merged with other bodies or changed and reshaped if needed.

How to use the plugin and set parameters are shown in the attached video. There are also many examples presented showing the most common situations.


For detailed information about parameters and features, please refer to the description part in the app version section.

Execution in most cases takes less than a minute on i7/8GB RAM/512GB SSD computer. During the operation a progress bar with the current step is visible and the process can be always canceled.



The program doesn't check interferences automatically and doesn't perform any analysis of prepared components. Please make sure that the necessary check is done before releasing this onto production. Simplest motion analysis can be done by using joints and motion rules prepared by the plugin. Both involute and trochoid interferences can be checked by eyes but there’s a better, dedicated built-in tool Interference available in Autodesk® Fusion 360™. 


Notes (based on App version section)

(1) Non-separable sets can be manufactured by 3D-printers;

(2) Max. the diameter of internal gear equals da+2(m + gw) for double helical gears and da+2m for gears with other teeth;

(3) How to get parameters, motions links and other information is presented in the attached video in the “Additional features” part;

(4) These parameters are:



teeth number (z),

pitch diameter (d),

working pitch diameter (dw),

base diameter (db),

root diameter (df),

outside diameter (da),

profile shift factor (x),

backlash (j),

working pressure angle (αw),

center distance (a) to the previous gear (only gear in the first stage shows center distance to the next gear),

pressure angle at the outside circle of gear (αa),

half of the top land angle (θ),

top land thickness (sa)



the diameter of a virtual cylinder containing the stages axles and gears (Φ),

length (L),

distance in X-axis from the center of the previous stage (dX),

distance in Y-axis from the center of the previous stage (dY),

the angle of rotation around the axis of the previous stage (γ),

the angle of rotation around the axis of this stage (δ),

this stage ratio (ηs),

ratio to the previous stage (ηp)



final ratio (ηf)

(5) When you don't have permissions to the plugin the directory you’ll be informed where the directory is and what permissions you need to add.

Informace o této verzi

Verze 1.0.3, 11.10.2021
**Version 1.0.3 (2021-09-29):** Fixed: * plugin doesn't work in parametric design)

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