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In Additive manufacturing with powder based plastic 3D printers (SLS and/or MJF) it is common practice to utilize a sinterbox in order to protect small & fragile parts so that they do not get lost or damaged during the post-processing phase.


Using this add-in, you can quickly create a rectangular sinterbox enclosing multiple solid bodies. During the creation process, you edit key sinterbox dimensions such as case thickness, bar width and bar spacing, as well as the offset between selected parts and the sinterbox itself.


The add-in also provides the option to move the input bodies from their original component to the newly created component named Sinterbox. The main benefit of this option can be realized when 3D Packing parts in the Manufacture workspace for an Additive setup with an SLS / MFJ 3D printer, as the 3D arrangement algorithm keeps a multi body component together when placing them in the build volume.

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Verze 1.0.0, 25.01.2022
Initial Release

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