Tube Bending Data Exchanger

Tube Bending Data Exchanger

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Tube Bending Data Exchanger is an add-in that allows Autodesk® Fusion 360® to export and import tube geometries used with CNC bending machines (XYZ and LRA/YBC).

Create the tube geometry with Fusion 360 and export bending data in XYZ and LRA/YBC format, and the developed length of the tube. Or import XYZ data to automatically create the tube geometry in Fusion 360.

The tube must start and end with a straight segment of tubing, and must be a constant diameter. Straight segments must alternate with bent segments. Consecutive straight segments or consecutive bent segments are not supported. 180-degree bends are not supported. See the screen capture below.

The add-in uses text files that you can easily modify by hand and from which you can easily copy/paste data.

The add-in manages unit conversion: millimeter, centimeter, meter, inch and foot. You can design the tube in millimeters and export the data in inches for example. Or import data in centimeters from data specified in inches.

The add-in supports hollow tubes by setting the outer diameter value and wall thickness value.

Sample files are provided in the installation folder of the add-in.

Translator credits:

  • English: Jerome Briot
  • French: Jerome Briot

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Verze 1.9.1, 01.03.2024
Fix a bug with Turkish language

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  • Great Tube Bending Add-in
    Thomas Lenor | srpna 21, 2023 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    Mr Briot, Thank you so much for all the help. Much appreciated! Very cool add-in.


  • Tube bending XYZ to LRA
    Darren Eby | prosince 09, 2021

    Mr. Jerome Briot did a great job inventing the "Tube Bending Data Exchange". This Ad-In is what I needed to get tube data out of Fusion 360.

    Just remember to explain your problem in detail and what you need help with. Jerome or someone will help you.


    Best Regards,

    Darren Eby

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