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LessClicks for Autodesk® Fusion 360™ - for power users who work intensively in medium to large assemblies (multi-page browser) – with or without linked components.


The add-in significantly reduces mouse input for frequently performed operations. Users can focus on the canvas (viewport) while working in the design.


Access relevant Data Panel information from the open Fusion 360 design with just one click.


If the design data is stored in several distributed folders, the add-in simplifies the overview and orientation - which is also great for analyzing designs you haven't created yourself.


LessClicks contains

  • two commands that are integrated into the Application Bar
  • four commands in the Toolbar (Model, Patch, Sheet Metal workspaces)


Application Bar commands

Activate root (one-click action button)


Activate and isolate a component

  • Integrated selection filter for local components, linked components are ignored - no trial and error
  • The browser automatically expands the path to the selected component


Toolbar commands

Data  - folder of design (one click info button)

  • File location of the open design


Data - folder of linked component

  • File location of a selected linked component
  • Integrated selection filter for linked components, local components are ignored
  • The browser automatically expands the path to the selected component


Data - design references (one-click info button)

  • All references of the open design are listed, including the drawing files


Design - list of linked components (one-click info button)

  • List of all linked components and all local components in which they are contained


For details see Help Document and screenshots.


Support page with additional information and demo-video

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Verze 1.0.0, 26.02.2019
Initial release

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