Properties++ Evaluation Version

Properties++ Evaluation Version


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Properties ++ is an add-in for Autodesk® Fusion 360™ which aims to help you with managing your data. This data management is based on adding custom properties to your components and designs. When your design is done you can easily export your custom data as if it were part of the Bill of Materials. Properties++ functions as a properties menu that you will be able to add new properties too.


  • Add custom data to your components and design;
  • Keep all your project information in your model/design;
  • Create a spreadsheet with an overview of all your custom data as a Bill of Materials;
  • Setup once and keep on using the same properties for all design (if you want to);
  • Save your data in the cloud (as part of your model);
  • Use the extensive help file to get started or to become a Properties++ expert;
  • Smooth integration with the Fusion 360 standard interface.


To get started, you can add custom properties (using the Properties Manager) to your Properties++ menu. Properties can be added to 3 different styles; the component, the assembly, and the design. (You can also easily add properties to all styles) After setting up the custom properties you can then add data in the property fields per component! For example; you might want to add a price tag or a URL for all components that you would need to order: create the custom property once and you will now be able to add the cost of each component by opening their Properties++ menu.


For each component, you can select the style that fits the purpose of the component. (Although in most cases the style fits the type of component and it does not need to be changed.) When the correct style is selected you will see the custom properties that belong to this component. Now you can fill in the belonging data. Once all data has been added to your design you can export all your data as a table. The table will be formatted as a Bill of Materials. The export file-format will be .csv so you will be able to open this table with any major spreadsheet editing tool.


This is the Evaluation Version of Properties++. Properties++ is not free software, please use this version only for evaluation purposes. Note that this version is limited by locking the Standard template functionality, this makes it harder to reuse the same properties for new designs. There is no time limit to this version.

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Verze 1.0.0, 15.3.2019
Initial release

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