TRUMPF TruTops Print for Autodesk® Fusion®

TRUMPF TruTops Print for Autodesk® Fusion®

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The TRUMPF TruTops Print for Autodesk® Fusion® App enables Fusion users to assign individual material and parameter profiles and export native build files for all available TRUMPF TruPrint metal powder bed fusion 3D printers.


Supported TRUMPF TruPrint machines:

  • TruPrint 1000
  • TruPrint 1000 (G06)
  • TruPrint 2000
  • TruPrint 3000
  • TruPrint 3000 (G08)
  • TruPrint 5000


This App connects your Fusion Additive Setup to the TruTops Print Service. Once you are done with part positioning and support generation, you can assign your customized Material and Parameter Profiles, apply the original hatching algorithms of the TruTops Print Service, and export the slice data as a .WZA build file.


Please note that you need to have access to a license of TruTops Print.

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Verze, 02.04.2024
Initial release

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