3D Print Plus

3D Print Plus

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3D Print Plus and 3D Print Pro are extended versions of the 3D Print utility shipped with Autodesk® Fusion 360™.

Many users on the Autodesk forum asked for a more flexible tool to export STL files.

3D Print Plus and 3D Print Pro are the answers to most of their requests!

Common features for 3D Print Plus and 3D Print Pro:

  • Export BRepBody and MeshBody object
  • Customize the orientation of the exported object
  • Ability to scale the object (uniform or non-uniform)
  • Convert active unit to the millimeter, centimeter, meter, inch, foot
  • Mesh preview and mesh refinement option
  • Name STL file with body name, component name, date…
  • Send STL data directly to 3D print utilities

Extra features for 3D Print Pro:

  • One-click export
  • Save settings in design between Fusion 360 session
  • Export file in binary or ASCII format
  • Ability to customize the STL file header
  • Convert existing STL files (file format and unit dimension)
  • Merge existing STL files
  • Adjust graphics settings for mesh display

3D Print Plus is freely available and 3D Print Pro must be purchased.

Both are available separately on the Autodesk App Store.

More information on the Fusion 360 forum.

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Version 1.6.0, 18.01.2021
Fix a bug in custom path selection for 3D print utility Fix a bug related to release 2.0.9144 of Fusion 360 (-1 index in Python list) Add button to open preferences folder Add debug tools Add version next to names of 3D Print Utilities Add support for BCN3D Cura 3.3 Add support for Blender 2.82 Add support for Blender 2.83 Add support for Blender 2.90 Add support for Chitubox 1.7.0 Add support for Ultimaker Cura 4.7 Add support for Ultimaker Cura 4.8 (upcomming) Add support for XYZprint

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