Bevel Gear Creator

Bevel Gear Creator

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This app enables you to create bevel gears for 3D printing.

It produces a straight bevel gear and approximates the Coniflex® (Gleason) profile. Greater accuracy can be achieved (at the expense of calculation time) by increasing the number of spline points.


The bevel gears can be at 90 degrees or at any angle. The pinion and wheel gears can have a different number of teeth. If they both have the same, they are identical.

You can specify the pressure angle, number of wheel teeth and pinion teeth, module, shaft angle, clearance, and other parameters.

It does take some time to process as surfaces are individually calculated.

You just need to run the add-in twice, once for the wheel and next for the pinion.

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Version, 16.10.2023
Improved performance. Fixed a corner case bug where it would not produce a profile.

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