AnyMacro is an add-in for Autodesk® Fusion 360™ for chaining multiple commands in a row to form a Macro. Macros are created from a set of commands which run while the add-in is recording. The macro, when finished, will fire each of the recorded commands consecutively. Additionally, the macros created can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts for ease of access.


*This add-in is based on some work done by the creator of the AnyShortCut add-in but is completely independent. With that said, using both is highly recommended as they provide a large range of control over your Fusion 360 application.

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version v1.0.3, 02.02.2022
Added new icons for builtin commands. Added a command that will halt any currently running macro. Added a separator between recorded commands and the Test Macro Fixed some grammar in the README Added in an alternate icon for the app since Autodesk did not like the first. Fixed bug where cancelling the naming of a new macro would remove the command history anyways despite not making a macro. Potential fix for error #1 Fixed bug with built-in camera command where the camera would break if an orthogonal forwards was selected. Fixed bug causing command queue to throw a silent error Reduced excess code and added additional util functions Added in a geometry library to the code utilities

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