Simerics-MP CFD.


Simerics-MP has three packages for Autodesk® Fusion 360® users.

  • Simerics-MP CFD has flow (internal, external, and a combination of both) and Thermal and Heat (conduction, convection). 
  • Simerics-MP CFD Plus adds Radiation, Moving/Sliding Mesh (rotating machinery, fans, blowers), Species and Particles (including erosion wear). 
  • Simerics-MP CFD Premium adds Multiphase, Cavitation, Multicomponent (gases of varying density) and Dynamics (fluids moving a solid).


All of these physics work together using UI and models in Fusion 360.  The fastest way to match hardware prototypes provides significant annual cost savings. 


Note:  Please contact us for a 30-day evaluation license and we'll get back to you within hours to activate your license, Contact:


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


Request a 30 day Simerics-MP CFD for Fusion 360 Pre/Post Processing simulation evaluation license by sending email to


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Version, 08.04.2024
Simerics-MP embedded into Fusion 360 providing high-end and prototype-accurate CFD.

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  • Accurate CFD in Fusion 360
    Andrew Ward | Januar 10, 2024

    It is easy to use Simerics-MP CFD to create CFD fluid volumes and set up meshs. It meshes my complex models quickly and solves my problems accurately, in no time! It also allows me to paint on my CAD models inside of Fusion 360 with the same UI. Most importantly, the simulation results match my hardware tests, saving me prototyping dollars! I highly recommend Simerics-MP CFD for Fusion 360.

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