Racks and gears maker

Racks and gears maker




The application creates a rack with gears for given parameters. All operations will be automatically grouped on a timeline, both for rack and gear.


Available features:

  • Module (mm),
  • Custom pressure angle (14.5 - 25 deg),
  • Custom clearance factor (0 - 0.3, clearance = module * factor),
  • Gear and rack thickness (mm, including groove width in case of double-helical),
  • Teeth shape (straight, helical: right/left, double helical, herringbone),
  • Helix angle (10 - 45 deg, for non-straight teeth),
  • Groove width (mm, for double-helical),
  • Groove height (mm, for double-helical),
  • Gear teeth number,
  • Gear backlash (mm, as arc length),
  • Gear root fillet radius factor (0 - clearance factor, radius = radius factor * module),
  • Gear profile shift coefficient factor,
  • Gear teeth direction (right/left for helical),
  • Rack teeth number,
  • Rack backlash (mm, as arc length, only for external wheel),
  • Rack root fillet radius factor (0 - clearance factor, radius = radius factor * module),
  • Height of pitch line (mm),
  • Rack teeth option (normal, as hob tool),
  • Adding chamfers,
  • Width factor of chamfer (width = factor * module),
  • Height factor of chamfer (height = factor * module),
  • Button for saving parameters,
  • Button for loading parameters,
  • Button for resetting parameters,
  • Auto-loading last used parameters when "Ok" has been clicked last time,
  • Showing progress.


Execution of the plugin for small (ex. z10/z30) shafts takes less than a half minute on i7/8GB RAM/512GB SSD computer. For a larger number of teeth, especially for helical and double helical it can take a few minutes. During the operation a progress bar with the current step is visible.



Please make sure that the load analysis is done on gears designed by this plugin in real machines before releasing it to production. An additional check is needed especially in case of undercuts:

  • section analysis,
  • interference analysis,
  • load analysis,
  • joints and motion simulation.


The program doesn't check interference so additional checks in case of a low number of pinion teeth, low-pressure angles or internal shafts should also be performed.

If you want to manufacture and use gears designed by this plugin in real machines, remember that they can break during load and cause damages, severe injuries or death of people without tests.

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Version 2.0.0, 11.11.2019
**Version 2.0.0 (2019-11-02):** New: * double helical (symmetrical, shifted) gear type, * groove gap width (mm) (for double helical type), * groove gap depth (mm) (for double helical type), * button for saving parameters, * button for loading parameters, * button for resetting parameters, * auto-loading last used parameters when "Ok" has been clicked last time Changes: * pressure angle is editable, * clearance factor is editable, * helix angle is editable, * helix angle range is now 10 - 45 deg, * root fillet radius for gear is editable, * teeth direction dropdown list has been replaced by two buttons in a row * root fillet radius for the rack is editable, * rack tooth as hob option has been replaced by two buttons in a row, * adding chamfers is now disabled by default, * progress by showing steps has been changed to displaying API dialog with simple message and bar, * files' format has been changed to JSON (both error or saved parameters), * improved performance Fixes: * geometry and modeling errors

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