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This is an Autodesk® Fusion 360™ add-in for Unity Package File Exporting. This is a great way to model parametric data for a variety of purposes, this add-in always you to develop models for the Unity Game Development Software to provide a way to create models with real physical hierarchies as well as real physical model attributes. There are also additional features that allow you to export a given model's joint information as well as material information to enhance the way you design games.


I created this add-in as a way for model developers to have an easy pathway from a real parametric design tool into an application that is widely used for Hobbyist Game and Animation creation. This is the perfect add-in for a new user looking to create a mechanical model that they can import into Unity for a realistic-looking feel. Or for an experienced engineer to try something new with exporting into Unity to create realistic Real-time animations.

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Version 1.5.2, 13.09.2021
First published version with kinematics and solid body with material support.

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  • Problem when I want to import the file .unitypackage in Unity
    Quentin Malfroid | November 26, 2023 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Impressive and works well. I had a problem with version 2022. Use Unity 2020.

    I'm contacting you because I have a problem when I want to import the file .unitypackage from fusion 360 with your extension in my unity project. I have arrived before with another package from another source but it doesn't work with unity file exporter.
    When I try, nothing appears in Assets and I don't have the popup to ask me to import. And no error
    Please could you help me ?
    Thank you for your support.
    Have a nice weekend.

    RE : I resolved the problem
    I used Unity 2022.3.12 and it did'nt work. You must use Unity 2020.3.47 to work with this plugin. I haven't tried with others versions but it works well with 2020.

  • Works, but outputs prefab
    Brendan Lockhart | März 21, 2023 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    It correctly outputs to unity, however because it outputs to a prefab unity doesn't expose any import properties like it does with an fbx. As a result, things like scale have to be corrected as unity objects, which can cause problems when going from mm to meters as it increases double errors.

    It would be better to export as an obj, imo

  • Wish it could work on mac
    Steve Barrett | August 26, 2022

    any chance of a mac version coming?

  • This is really stellar!
    Joshua Maruska | April 22, 2022 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    This really should just be a built-in part of Fusion. So good. Thank you, Shawn!

  • I should give you a big thumbs-up
    CIYUAN LIN | Januar 29, 2022

    Waiting this for a century. 

  • Works well
    John Hunter | September 30, 2021 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    It would be good if you could adjust the output scale since everything becomes very large in Unity if you are working with millimeters. But that's not a big deal since you can scale things down in Unity.

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