Size to Parts List

Size to Parts List

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Add the outer dimensions of your components to your Parts List and make sure they will stay up to date!


This add-on will add the bounding box size of your component to its description. A component's description can be shown in the drawing tables! (Parts List) The bounding box size of a component is its dimensions in the x-, y- and z-directions. (Also referred to as the Axis Aligned minimum Bounding Box.)


This app will:

  • calculate the size of the components (bounding box);
  • sort the sizes to describe the length, width and height of the component;
  • add the result to the component's description. Don't worry about any other description information you would like to add as well. The add-on will only add the size and won't remove any existing description;
  • keep the results up to date (updates are calculated at every save of the file).



  • Right-click the component and select Link Size/Description. The size in the component's description will stay updated from now on.
  • (Cancel the link by repeating the previous step.)

Components' rotations or movements have no influence on the calculated size. However; due to the app's limitation it is best practice to draw components aligned to the component's origin axes (X, Y & Z), this will prevent any calculation errors.


This tool will take into account user settings such as preferred units, the general precision, and mutiple display formats.


Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 1.1.2, 10.06.2022
1.1.2: Installation file replaced by manual installation files. 1.1.1: Decimal sign removed for users who do not use decimals 1.1.0: Added foot/Inch display formats; fractional & architectural.

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  • Brilliant!
    chuck benesh | Mai 27, 2024

    As I've learned to use parametric modeling, manually entering dimensions into the component description for a Parts List was just...stupid. A couple forum posts said it can't be done, or write a script (having enough fun learning sketching and parameters!). Decided to find the Fusion add in store, and voila! Payment incoming, thank you!

  • Customizing decimal places
    Michael Eichenauer | Oktober 03, 2023

    It could be a very useful tool for me, if it would be possible to customize the accuracy of the part dimensions, e.g. to one, two or three decimal places?

    Martin Rourke | April 02, 2024

    I'd second this as an improvement as I'm working in mm and its showing that to 3 decimal places. For woodworking this is way too accurate.

  • The Perfect Add In for making Cutting/Parts Lists!
    Ryan Graham | August 04, 2022

    If you have ever made a parts list or cutting list in Fusion 360 you will know how annoying it is that the dimensions of each part needs to be manually input.

    This Add on Automates the dimensions via the bounding box, Brilliant!

  • Great addin!
    Claudiu Emanoil | Mai 21, 2022 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Very usefull and also great support from dev!

  • Amazing!
    Daniel Jacks | Februar 24, 2022 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    i was looking for a way to have automatic an automatic part list for my parametric drawings and this solved all my problems. Highly underrated app. Thank You!

  • Very useful add-on
    J B | Dezember 18, 2021 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I'm also a woodworker and use this add-on all the time so I can have the dimensions in the parts list on drawing sheets.  It's a real time saver as I can have a cutting list with each drawing.

  • Problem
    Comec Sarl | April 21, 2021


    Le bouton sélectionne taille / Description du lien n’apparaît pas dans le menu en cliquant à droite sur le composant

    Pin Rudolf (Herausgeber) | April 21, 2021

    Dear Comec, Could you please make sure to select the component using the Fusion 360 Browser and try again? Generally Fusion tends to select only a face of the component when using the Model area. If this does not solve your issue; could you please make sure the Add-in is correctly installed and running. Use the Design workspace > Tools tab > Script & Add-ins command. The second tab should show SizeToPartsList and a dotted circle to indicate it is running. If this is not the case please try to install again or get in touch ( so we can look into running a manual installation instead.

  • Does exactly what it says
    Marco Meyer | Dezember 29, 2020 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I´m a woodworker and now all messurements can be seen in the parts list. Huge time saver for me!

    Pin Rudolf (Herausgeber) | Dezember 31, 2020

    Thank you kindly Marco, your review is greatly appreciated!

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