Additive Assistant (FFF)

Additive Assistant (FFF)

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The Additive Assistant tool for  Autodesk® Fusion 360® has been created for beginners that are new to the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) process and need guidance on DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing). The tool analyses a number of aspects of your designs and provides clear feedback on how to improve the manufacturability of the part. The tool analyses, highlights and provides feedback on the areas of overhang, areas that may warp, whether there is a risk of poor bed adhesion, part size and provides information on reducing the environmental impact. 

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Version, 11.01.2023
Initial release

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  • Good basic tool
    Ross K | Januar 20, 2024 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Nice simple tool with visual feedback that renders on the model itself. For five stars, the environmental feedback needs more specific information - its unclear from the feedback what can or should be done. But to really get this to five stars, it should remember the build volume dimentions - I shouldn't have to re-type those every single time, especially when working in the same file!

  • 3d
    sergi herna | Oktober 15, 2021 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    esta bien me gusta aun que hay que mejorar la app

  • Mac OS Version
    Robert Dwyer | Mai 04, 2021 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Great Add on 

    Will there be a Mac OS version?



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