Polyhedron Generator

Polyhedron Generator



Create hundreds of polyhedra, from the simple tetrahedron to the favorite icosahedron, to the spiky great stellated dodecahedron, and many more!


Select from included polyhedra or input a URL for a specific shape from http://dmccooey.com/polyhedra/. The add-in is located in the design workspace under the 'Create' tab. 


If selecting from included polyhedra, first select the polyhedra grouping from the dropdown menu, then select a specific shape. If inputting a custom weblink, check the 'Custom Weblink' checkbox. Browse to the shape of interest on the polyhedra website, then copy the URL for that shape into the input textbox. 


The polyhedra shape files are distributed here with permission from the polyhedra site's author. Additional references for each shape can be found under their respective page on the polyhedra site. This app is not affiliated with that website.

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Versión 1.0, 13/09/2021
Initial release.

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  • Great tool!
    Garrin Felber | agosto 11, 2021 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Great add-in! Contains a lot of shapes AND ability to download thousands more from their web site. VERY WELL DONE! Thanks!

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