Anchor Labs is one of the early developers of self-service CNC machining cloud. Design your parts in Autodesk® Fusion 360™ and we will produce them for you.


We offer 2 different levels of service, self-service and full service.


With our full service model, just model your part like you usually would then press the Anchor button under the "Make" menu of the "Design" workspace. You will then be able to enter information about your part and get a quote.


With the self-service model, you model and CAM your part. Download our tooling library from and complete the CAM for your part using these tools. Then press the Anchor button under the "Actions" menu of the "CAM" workspace. You can enter info about how your part should be setup.


Our self-service model is lower cost than traditional machining and gives you more control over the process whereas the full service model gets you your parts without any additional work.


Currently, our website only supports US addresses; however, if you want an order shipped internationally, just email and we will give you a shipping quote manually.

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