Graham Chow
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This app allows you to flesh out hollow sections and/or create grips in an organic Voronoi way.


The app lets you create two modes:

1) Normal mode where you create a box full of Voronoi cells, and

2) Advanced mode where you select a body to fill full of Voronoi cells.

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Versión 1.02, 25/05/2016
Initial Version

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  • Still same problem
    Miroslav Fiala | octubre 24, 2018

    I'm testing it too but it never stop calculating :-/

  • Doesn't appear to work anymore
    Matt Mm Developer | mayo 14, 2018

    Just tried this today on a sphere, a cylinder, and a cube. I finally force-quit the program after watching it "update graphics" and run countless progress bars for over 20 minutes.

  • Does not work (anymore?)
    Mn Heinrich | mayo 04, 2018

    Doesn't even apear in the create bar.

  • I'm testing it but..
    Jiwoo Choi | enero 19, 2017

    I'm testing it but it never stop calculating... and basic 3d model have to be really simple.

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