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This add-in for Autodesk® Fusion 360® automates the steps for creating instances or creating duplicates of components in a design. Ideal for build preparation for additive manufacturing workflows, or if you are working with assemblies with multiples of the same component.


With this app you will have a new Duplicate Components command appears in the Design workspace, SOLID Tab, CREATE panel pull down menu, Pattern pull out menu. Once you launch the Duplicate Components command, you will be prompted to select a component. Note that you cannot select bodies within this command, and your model must have components to benefit from this app. After selecting a component, you can enter your desired number of copies, and control the location (same location vs arranging the copies along the X, Y or Z axis,) and the gap between the copies if you choose to arrange them along an axis.


There are 2 unique features of this app. First it allows you to create either instances of a given component, or independent components if you use the “Copy & Paste New method” when duplicating your components. Second it controls the Gap between the components in a unique way. The app first creates a bounding box around the selected components and controlling the distance between the duplicated components using the walls of the bounding box. With this option you can quickly arrange your components along any of the global axis more precisely.

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Versione, 26/04/2023
Initial Release

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  • Great little App for duplicating parts with ease
    Sualp Ozel | aprile 26, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Highly recommend it to anyone who needs to quickly make multiple copies of a given component for 3d priunting.

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