3D Printing Essentials

3D Printing Essentials

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This add-in for Autodesk® Fusion® adds several key functionalities that will improve your 3D printing workflows with Fusion.


Within the DESIGN workspace of Fusion, you can use this app to

  • Duplicate Components in place or in X, Y or Z axes.
  • Create multiple copies of a component with a unique Label using a prepopulated text list saved as a CSV file. Rename each component with the label as the suffix. Control the size, location, and orientation of the label as well as the location of the newly created components.
  • Create a rectangular Sinterbox to enclose small parts to aid in the postprocessing steps after 3D printing using SLS or MJF machines.
  • Split large part in to two smaller parts with pins and holes so that they can be 3D printed as 2 separate parts and can be reassembled with ease. 
  • Automate the Mesh import/repair process using a customizable script.
  • Automate the FFF additive print preparation process using a customizable script.
  • Automate the SLA/DLP additive print preparation process using a customizable script.
  • Automate the SLS/MJF additive print preparation process using a customizable script.

Within the MANUFACTURE workspace of Fusion, after creating a manufacturing model and an additive setup, you can use this app to

  • Create Duplicate Components in place or X, Y or Z axes to quickly fill the build area or the build volume of your 3D printer and add the newly created components to your active additive setup.
  • Scale your models to make them larger or smaller to better fit your 3D printing needs.
  • Create Mirror copies of your models and add them to your active additive setup.

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione, 19/07/2024
Changes in this version: - New Pins and Holes command has been added to the Tools menu with the 3D Print panel of the DESIGN workspace. This command is only available when the Capture Design History is active. - Minor bug fixes for Mesh Import Settings dialog and Label command in DESIGN workspace

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  • Brilliant start, just not quite what I needed.....
    Jono Munday | giugno 10, 2024 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Excellent tool - been using the labelling function. I need the tool to allow the distance between parts to be 0 or less - I am making a stack of components built on top of each other. Setting the distance to min 0.1mm mean I have to extrude the face between each so they are all attached to each other.... Can this be adjusted?

    Sualp Ozel | luglio 15, 2024

    hi Jono Munday Yes this can be adjusted. The App is written in python. So you can edit the App easily and customize it to fit your needs. Look for the specific python file on your hard disk and edit it with notepad or visual studio. For the DUPLICATE command, it will be in a location such as this : (make sure to replace XXXXX with your user name) C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\3DPrintingEssentials.bundle\Contents\commands\duplicate\entry.py Row 131 has the hard coded limits which control the allowed inputs. change the 0.1 within that line to 0 and save the file. This will enable you to type 0 in to the dialog and proceed with your workflow. If you want to customize the LABEL command, look for this file: C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\3DPrintingEssentials.bundle\Contents\commands\makeLabel\entry.py (make sure to replace XXXXX with your user name) rows 180 and 181 control the component gap. Hope this helps!

  • Just what I needed!
    Thomas Stock | aprile 29, 2024 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    I use Fusion alot for various additive workflows, and there some of the features contained within this app have aided in making the workflows even more streamlined and seamless. I love the easy access to the duplication and scale commands etc. The part labelling is also a fantastic addition for me since I do a lot of testing of settings etc and this is crucial for that.
    I look forwrad to trying the scripts to automate the setup creation & print-preparation side of the workflow.

  • Labelling Parts
    Daniel Bartlett | aprile 22, 2024 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    The labelling functionalty has been extremely helpful for part tracking

  • About adding "labels"
    Jean-Michel LE GOFF | aprile 18, 2024 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    It looks quite useful to be able to "label" the part for printing.

    The CSV Option could be great, but why it couldn't be possible to use basic properties of the file?

    the name of the part/componenet, the date...

    Any value from the parameter list.


    Even if the csv option is cool, there are part's native information which could be nice to print.

    Many Thanks


  • Much needed.
    Brian Jeong | aprile 12, 2024 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Been waiting for this feature! Thanks, Fusion.

  • Duplicate Galore
    Ivan Santic | aprile 08, 2024 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    My go-to app for component duplication. Very useful for generating copies and aligning them afterward.

  • Perfect tool to easily create multiple variants without using configurations
    Bas S | dicembre 22, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Tip; combine this with the parametric text plugin ;)

    Nice-to-have suggestion:
    - being able to select multiple components to duplicate

    - being able to duplicate in multiple axis (like the review above, for 3dprinting, to fill a buildplate square)

    - being able to set the direction to duplicate (for example, duplicate on x is always to the left)

    Fabian Spangler (Autore) | gennaio 08, 2024

    Thank you Bas S for your 5* review! I really appreciate this and forwarded it to the dev team. Your suggestions are noted and also forwarded to the dev team. Happy new year and cheers, Fabian

    Sualp Ozel | aprile 12, 2024

    Bas S. based on your suggestion we updated the App to address several points you highlighted above 1) you can now duplicate in multiple axis. 2) You can now "Flip" the direction of Axis (Example from +X to -X) We did not combine it with the parametric text plugin, but we think we we solved a similar issue by adding the "Label" command. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

    Bas S | aprile 15, 2024

    Thank you @Sualp, Update looks promising, i will definitely check it and get back to you if there are issues. Thanks for adding the label command. The 'tip', was meant more for end-users, the suggestions was for dev ;)

    Sualp Ozel | giugno 06, 2024

    hi Bas S with the update today (Version, 6/6/2024) Changes in this version: - Users can now select multiple components to Duplicate in DESIGN and MANUFACTURE workspaces

  • Great App for duplicating & scaling parts
    Sualp Ozel | aprile 26, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Highly recommend it to anyone who needs to quickly make multiple copies of a given component for 3d printing, or scale a part within the context of their 3d printers build volume.

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