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MapBoards Pro is a utility to arrange cut layout and output DXF for laser, CNC cutting, and aid with material management for conventional woodworking projects using Autodesk® Fusion 360™.


It will perform the following steps.

  • Arrange copies of model components on a cut layout of the specified dimensions minimizing waste
  • Create a flat panel sketch from the cut layout (optional)
  • Export the sketch as a multi-layered DXF file (optional)


The sketch and DXF file will be adjusted for the specified kerf of the laser cutter.   


The DXF will contain up to 4 layers per component which include perimeter, cutouts, insets, and labels as viewed from the top view.


 More enhancements are planned for this Pro version.


Note: MapBoards Pro can be found in the Create dropdown menu of the Model Workspace.

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Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 2.03, 07/03/2019
- Mapping fixes and performance improvements - More DXF output improvements Version 2.02, 3/1/2019 - DXF output and performance improvements - alignment fix for mapping Version 2.01, 2/20/2019 - improvements to mapping - DXF fix for handling duplicate component names Version 2.00, 1/31/2019 This initial version is a professional release of the standard MapBoards

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