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The Autodesk® Haas Driver® for Autodesk® Fusion 360®  enables instant on productivity for Fusion 360 users who have Haas Milling Machines fitted with the Haas NGC controller.


An innovative workflow enables you to automatically search for Haas machines that are connected to your shop network and instantly add them to your Fusion 360 machine library. By reading data directly from each machine, an accurate representation of each machine configuration, settings and optional equipment fitted is created, helping to ensure the NC programs produced from Fusion 360 run correctly on the machine chosen in the Manufacturing setup.


Using the Haas Driver, NC programs can be sent directly to the machine, or they can be stored locally if preferred. Any time an NC Program is sent to a connected machine, the machine settings and configuration is compared to the machine in the Fusion 360 setup, with any changes in the configuration being highlighted to the user. If you use any of the Haas demountable rotary axes on your machines, these are detected automatically, and the Fusion 360 machines can be very quickly updated so you do not need to use different post processors for different machine configurations.


The Haas Driver removes the need to source, manage and maintain different post processors for each machine. Post processors become transparent to the user as they are managed automatically by the Haas Driver which means you always have the latest and most reliable post processor created by Autodesk for the Haas machines. 

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Versione 1.40.1, 20/09/2023
Upgraded to Python 3.11 for September 2023 Fusion 360 release

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  • Not very well on support
    Chad Raney | maggio 05, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Any problems come up with fusion it takes days to get the support you need.  I got the haas driver installed and running only for it to find my machine and then says 0 machines added to library.  The video they have makes it look easy but now stuck without being able to use it.

    David Charles (Autore) | maggio 11, 2023

    Hi Chad, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulty, please contact birmingham.haasconnect@autodesk.com by email and I'll try to help you directly.

  • Doesn’t install like the video says it does
    Shawn Laughlin | ottobre 31, 2022 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    i have upgraded to the new version of fusion and nvidia driver,downloaded the haas driver and opened File and Installed. It is no where to be found under actions tab in manufacturing-milling. so not sure what's the problem. Maybe I have to turn something on in the settings? Didnt say I had to. Ill rate better when i get to use it

    David Charles (Autore) | ottobre 31, 2022

    Hi Shawn, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulty with launching the Haas Driver add-in. Within Fusion, if you select UTILITIES -> ADD-INS icon, then select the Add-Ins tab of the 'Scripts and Add-Ins' dialog, can you see an entry for HaasDriver listed? It should be running with the checkbox 'Run on Startup' selected. Try selecting HaasDriver in the list and pressing the Run button. If you still experience problems, please contact birmingham.haasconnect@autodesk.com and I'll try to help you directly.

  • It is disappointing that there is no support for MAC OS.
    Zeljko Mihajic | ottobre 25, 2022

    What it takes to get this feature running on mac? 

  • No Mac support?
    Ben Wesley | ottobre 03, 2022 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    No Mac support :(

  • Mac OS`
    Chance Alley | settembre 30, 2022

    When will this be available on mac??

  • Need Mac OS support
    Matt Hapgood | settembre 19, 2022 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This driver would be great... if it were available for Mac OS


    I'm giving it 4 stars because it is such a good idea, but not 5 because Mac users can't actually use it.

    James Barnes | settembre 28, 2022


    Caleb Thompson | ottobre 01, 2022

    Completely agree

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