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Allows the user:

  1. To accelerate the creation of 3D geometry.
  2. To create/assign Woodworking Materials.
  3. To control Texture direction and Oversize.
  4. To drill Hardware holes and to do another Sculpt of Additive elements.
  5. To generate very precise BOM.
  6. To make Hardware and Materials replacements.
  7. To make Drawings with a model-independent copy. 


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Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Descrizione della versione di prova

TRIAL VERSION - JoinerCAD has 45 days Trial version for free, which allows users to use the software at its full functionality (including all JoinerCAD related services). It also allows users to evaluate software suitability and to decide whether to buy it or not. After the Trial version expires, JoinerCAD automatically turns into the Basic version.

BASIC VERSION - JoinerCAD Basic version is a permanent version for free but with some limitations of functionality. If JoinerCAD user wants to have JoinerCAD software at its full functionality, he needs to buy JoinerCAD Pro subscription.

PRO VERSION - JoinerCAD Pro version, which is available for the period of bought subscription and allows the user to use the software at its full functionality. The subscription can be extended and charged automatically if such a setting is set in the JoinerCAD account of the subscriber. Otherwise, if the subscription expires, so JoinerCAD Pro version automatically turns back into JoinerCAD Basic version

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 2.4.4, 03/05/2024
IMROVED - Improved Miter algorithm, which was not working correctly in a specific situation. FIXED - A small Dress up bug was fixed which caused crashes of Autodesk Fusion. FIXED - Couple small fixes in Material Editor, now it should work more flawlessly.

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  • Great tool but monthly pricing is really a pain
    nicolas petremann | maggio 10, 2024 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Would be way better without this damn monthly pricing. Can't we just pay once?

  • good not yet great
    andy raynor | febbraio 18, 2024 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    I'm in the demo period of this software, and it has a few quirks but it makes the initial design very fast and easy.  The skeleton design and shelves are a super time saver and the smart hardware works as expected (there is a weird bug that puts the rafix connectors on different planes).  

    if this software added the following it would be an instant buy for me:

    - Drawer slides (similar to the smart hardware feature)

    - Sub assembly like drawer boxes, trays, pullouts

    - Drawer front (inset and overlay)


    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | febbraio 20, 2024

    Hi, Bug will be fixed. Meanwhile your wishes will not be implemented into JoinerCAD because these functionalities are mainly used in the professional/large business segment where our another very powerful Autodesk Inventor based solution is already working in - JoinerCAD is dedicated for Carpenters and Small business, therefore it does not have sophisticated functionalities. And for this reason JoinerCAD has low and very attractive price. If you are very professional user with higher requirements for CAD systems, so you should move forward for more powerful and more expensive tools. This is a very simple market segmentation ;)

  • Want to love it, but.....
    Rudolf Zuidema | novembre 28, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Really want to love and use this add in, but constant problems with the BOM assignment causing F360 to crash, and TBH without the BOM functionality there is little use for the software.

    Tech support has been good, but at the moment very frustrated user!


    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | novembre 29, 2023

    Hi Rudolf, we have just put a new update where we believe that your problems have been solved. If no, please let us know.

  • Trial version
    Ilya Rudomilov | aprile 24, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)


    Could you help me please. Is the trial period still valid? 

    JoinerCAD is not activated after Log in to the System using Autodesk ID. After transferred to internet browser  - it says

    Congratulations, You have successfully signed in to JoinerCAD.

    But the app still doesn't work.

    What else needs to be done?

    Ilya Rudomilov | maggio 02, 2023

    thanks for the reply to the mail, but unfortunately there is no folder named -bin can I try something else?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | settembre 25, 2023

    Hi, Currently JoinerCAD admin system is being transferred to the new Admin system. Therefore some disconnection might happen. Plus keep in mind that JoinerCAD trial is valid for 45 days after the persons' first login to JoinerCAD. So if these 45 days already expired after your first login to JoinerCAD, so Trial is not valid anymore ant it turns in to Basic configuration with some functions locked. I am not sure which issue you have, but I have just checked and everything works fine with JoinerCAD.

  • Czech language
    Martin Macko | marzo 25, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Could I help You to translate JoinerCAD to Czech language?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | marzo 27, 2023

    Hi, JoinerCAD follows languages that Fusions 360 has. Unfortunately, Fusion 360 does not have Czech language, so it is illogical to have Czech language of JoinerCAD in the Fusion 360 environment, which does not have Czech language as well.

    Martin Macko | marzo 27, 2023

    @Mantas: AFAIK - Czech Language should be instaled as add-on -;appLang=en&os=Win64 So it is logical to have also JointerCAD in Czech language :-)

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | aprile 01, 2023

    We are following foreign languages that are officially done by Autodesk.

  • Mac Version Causes Fusion 360 to Crash on Start
    Stan VanDruff | marzo 24, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Just installed JoinerCAD and Fusion 360 will not start (crashes). Uninstalled JoinerCAD and Fusion works fine. Tried again with the same result.

  • Joinercad need more Upgrade. .
    Nishith Majhi | marzo 23, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Today I have tried this app , ther are some problem I faced , the part it mades it gose in sketch panel , if i cut a part of shelf by extrude then it cuts all the shelfs gone earesed , so for now they must programme the software like parts should be in body section rather then sketch section , and customization in every face should be added .

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | marzo 28, 2023

    Hi, We are not sure if we understood your question correctly. Please create a video what are you trying to do, and send it to our support email

  • Lamello
    Aleksandar Panayotov | marzo 11, 2023

    Hi, I'm planning to test this software and I was wondering if  it supports lamello joints?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | marzo 28, 2023

    Hi, Yes, it does. Please follow these steps:  1. Create/Import 3D geometry of hardware element. 2. Define a behavior (assign status of the bodies - Neutral, Subtractive, Additive etc.). 3. Fill properties (name, code, quantities) and your hardware is ready to be used. How to do that, we've created a video, please check it  - and another video which shows how you can create holes/cuts or additive elements for your hardware - ;

  • Looks great - but buggy
    Tom Playford | aprile 04, 2022 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    On the mac version it doesn't seem possible to assign materials to components. Looks like a UI bug.  

    Without that feature it's pretty useless - can't create a bom. 


    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | aprile 05, 2022

    Hi, what macOS do you use? JoinerCAD is available for current three newest macOS: (1) macOS 10.15, (2) macOS 11, (3) macOS 12 and of course for an upcoming macOS versions in the future. If you are using older macOS, so JoinerCAD either will not work or will work incorrectly. So if there is a case of old macOS version, so please upgrade it as it is defended there

  • only english?
    Julian Gellert | gennaio 15, 2022

    Why is there no german (and other) language available anymore?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | gennaio 19, 2022

    Hi, do not worry, all the languages (as Fusion has) will be available in 3 month. JoinerCAD has been renewed almost from scratch, so it takes some time to make it up to perfect status.

  • Still waiting...
    Florian Hart | settembre 25, 2021 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    ... for the MAC-Version!!!

    Michael Wenger | ottobre 05, 2021

    me too

    Matthias Münch | ottobre 18, 2021

    me too. would be so awesome...

    Marco Waldmeier | ottobre 27, 2021

    MAC-Version would be great. Hope to get it soon

    Christian Bitsch | ottobre 30, 2021

    I'm also still waiting for MAC Version

    Martin Klammer | novembre 20, 2021

    when is the Mac version coming? I wish it so much

    Lars Marquart | dicembre 01, 2021

    …me too.

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • Nice, please add these features!
    Jonathan Shook | agosto 01, 2021 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This is a great tool so far. However, I would really like to see this:
    1) support for the line of festool domino and compatible joinery
    2) support for standard mortise & tenon, box joints, dovetails
    3) support for the range of Knapp panel connectors
    4) support for drawer slide placement, both standard 1/2" rails as well as simple wooden slides (non rails)

  • Really easy to create cabinets with F360. I like it!
    Daniel Kurth | maggio 28, 2021 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    I gave 4 of 5 stars because I'm missing a "standard" hole pattern function for side panels. And maybe the option how I will built in the rear panel. In a Groove, Fold or screwed on. That would be great for the future, because that would make it almost a cabinet generator. 

  • joinercad for mac?
    joachim bredemeyer | aprile 19, 2021


    are you planning to make a version for mac?

    thanks and regards.

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • Mac-Version
    Frank Loeffler | marzo 01, 2021

    Realy cool App. When will MacOS-Version be available?

    Drew Bateman | marzo 12, 2021

    Mac users have been asking for a Mac version on this page for TWO YEARS now. Please give us a serious update about WHEN, and no more teasing us with "working on it" and "in the plans" and "soon"? Make a commitment to some date!

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • MacOS! Please please!
    Stefan Beck | febbraio 21, 2021

    Dear Joiner CAD Team


    same here - what a great product! Eagerly awaiting the MacOS release - even if it is only as a MVP with basic functionalities.

    Any (rough) timeline statement possible by when we can expect this?


    Thanks in advance!

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • Mac users
    mkoneone mkoneone | febbraio 15, 2021

    I saw all videos surrounding joinerCAD and
    appreciate all these nice and helpful features.
    Unfortunately MAC user can't take advantage as JoinerCAD is not available yet for MAC related users.
    Any update by when JoinerCAD will be made avaialable for MAC users ?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • MAC USERS???
    paolo recchi | febbraio 03, 2021

    I saw your web site, this app seems really interesting but is not possibile to know by my side because there's not Mac users version.
    please give us opportunity to get it for Mac user also!!!


    many thx

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • MacOS, Festool Dominos?
    Jeff Mackay | gennaio 26, 2021

    Any update on the Mac version?   Also, while you're working on dowel joints, any plans for Festool Dominos?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • could be awsome
    marcus ahlin | dicembre 28, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    the workflow is awsome but when you choose shelves and divders its simply not possible to get it centered. there is also no support for hardware

  • Nice
    David Skala | dicembre 08, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Perfect, I didn't expect anything similar. Almost Swood in your plugin :-). This is really what I need. Perhaps I can tune it here.... library of hardware and similar.

    What about cut diagrams? Did I Overlook it? or do you have it in your view?

    So I'm going to enjoy it.




    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 17, 2020

    Hi David, We do not have any plans for CAM functionality at the moment. Fusion 360 has great tools for CAM and Nesting, you should check it. But I would like to add that you can export cut list from JoinerCAD and import to other software. This is just a question of the proper prepared template. You should check our videos in Youtube for further details about BOM template preparation.

  • Grate product
    Olav Eriksen Køkkenforum | novembre 20, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Is there a option to edit or add matriales, veneer ect??


    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 17, 2020

    Hi, yes it will be possible. I hope in the second quarter 2021;)

  • Dovetails and half blind dts?
    Pierre Branitzki | ottobre 20, 2020

    Do you support in future dovetails and fingerjoints?


    Thank you for this great product!

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | ottobre 24, 2020

    Hi Pierre, We have some ideas related with hardware elements. Including dowels and other furniture that will be implemented later.

  • Mac OS?
    Petra Olsson | ottobre 17, 2020

    Mac OS ?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | ottobre 19, 2020

    Hi Petra, we already working in order to have JoinerCAD for Mac OS. We will inform...

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • Mac OS version on the way?
    Deividas Cernevicius | giugno 30, 2020

    Hi Mantas, (Labas! :) )


    Any chances that the Mac OS version of this wonderful tool coming soon, maybe this year? 

    Would be much appreciated from us, Macintosh users :)

    Thank in advance!

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | luglio 02, 2020

    Hi (Labas), Currently we are working in order to launch a new version with additional Skeleton DressUp functionality. But also, already started to work for adopting JoinerCAD for MAC. I believe at the end of the tis year we will have it.

    Deividas Cernevicius | luglio 28, 2020

    Thanks a lot! You guys doing a very good job! Thank you for good news!

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • Drawings?
    Margus Õim | aprile 21, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Is there a solution for creating drawings? AutoPlot? AutoDraw?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | aprile 24, 2020

    Hi, Fusion 360 does not have API for the drawings. We cannot add additional functionality for it. But in the future we believe we will have it.

  • Dimensions in the BOM
    Paweł Budka | gennaio 02, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Can I generate dimensions in the BOM without assigning material?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | gennaio 06, 2020

    Hi Powel, currently no, but in the future probably it will be as one of functionalities in the future PAID version of JoinerCAD.

  • this is what we need!
    Zsolt Vincze | giugno 03, 2019 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    You guys deserve a statue!!!! Thank you ever so much!!!!!

  • very good !
    Michel Marroche | maggio 30, 2019

    Are you going to get a Mac version?

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | maggio 31, 2019

    Hi Michel, Mac version is in our plans, but first we are focus on expending JoinerCAD functionality on Win OS. I believe that in 1 year we will have for Mac.

    Jakob Hoyer | ottobre 10, 2019

    +1 for Mac support

    MArtin Müller | ottobre 22, 2019

    I'm also interested.

    Adam | novembre 07, 2019

    Mac version would be appreciated.

    Mikhail Davidov | gennaio 18, 2020

    same, would pay

    Beau Turner-Brockway | febbraio 11, 2020

    +1 Paying for Mac version

    Paulo Henrique Fortes Alves | giugno 09, 2020

    Mac version would be great ! Any schedule for Mac version availability?

    Drew Bateman | agosto 06, 2020

    Another 'me too' for a Mac version. Product looks great but can't use it!

    Mantas Galinis (Autore) | dicembre 23, 2021

    Hi...MAC OS already available. Marry Christmas ;)

  • This is awesome!
    Mihalik Árpád | maggio 21, 2019 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Hi guys! That's what I expected! You are thought-readers! Very many thanks!

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