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NoComponentDrag is an Autodesk® Fusion 360™ add-in that adds a Component Drag option in the parametric design environment.


Avoid accidentally dragging components when working with parametric designs. With the Component Drag option, you can disable or enable free component dragging. Just like the Component Drag option in the direct editing environment.


This add-in is free, but if you like it, you can buy me a coffee (Ko-fi link).


The add-in is licensed under the MIT license.

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Versione 1.0.0, 18/02/2021
* v 1.0.0 * Unload correctly. * Handle user switching to/from Direct Edit mode. * Sync with with "Component Drag" in Direct Edit mode. * Workaround for Fusion 360 bug making select menu items not update correctly when going from the Drawing to the design environment * v 0.2.2 * Fix spelling mistake * v 0.2.1 * Run on start-up by default * v 0.2.0 * Remember "Component Drag" setting * v 0.10 * "Component Drag" menu option

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