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Fusion 360 v. 2.0.9440 breaks text edit functionality for all add-ins. All texts created with the new style dialog get extreme letter-spacing. There is no workaround.


ParametricText is an Autodesk® Fusion 360™ add-in for creating Text Parameters in sketches.


Note: Version 2.x is not compatible with version 1.x. Documents created using version 1.x will be upgraded when using version 2.x.


Text parameters can be pure text or use parameter values by using a special syntax. There is also a special parameter, that contains information about the document’s version and save date.


All parameters are stored within the document upon save. The texts are always “rendered” in the sketches, so they can be viewed without having the add-in. However, to correctly update the values, the add-in is needed.


⭐ This add-in is free, but if you like it, please drop a review and tell us about your use case! Drop a review even if you don't like it. (The reviews will also provide feedback for future development)

You can also support me by buying me a coffee (Ko-fi link).


The add-in is licensed under the MIT license.

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バージョン 2.0.0, 2021/01/18
* v 2.0.0 * Rewritten selection engine. * Handle selection of texts in multi-occurrence components better. * "Inherit" sketch parameters when pasting using "Paste New". * New parameter values: "_.component", "_.file" * Storage format version 2, to handle the new selection engine. * Only one Undo item for text updates (not applicable to document save). * Show count of texts selected in each sketch. * Option to run "Compute All" automatically, to force features to update. * Detect missing "thomasa88lib" helper library. * Quick buttons for prepending braces and appending common parameters. * v 1.1.0 * "" for retrieving document save date. * Workaround for Fusion 360™ bug when using Autodesk® SHX fonts. * Informative error when a text has a negative angle. * Don't re-evaluate texts when the Change Parameters dialog is closed without any changes. * Handle unit-less parameter values. * v 1.0.1 * Fix error when using "_.version" in documents that have never been saved. * Redesign logo to comply with app store. * v 1.0.0 * Out of beta! * v 0.2.1 * Set table height to 10 rows. * Fix #1. Handle unsaved documents. * v 0.2.0 * Basic support for Python format specifiers. * "Insert braces" button. * Selection tooltip, to show all selections when the text is truncated. * Hide "select control". Integrate clear button into table. * Use correct unit/scaling when showing parameter value. * Quick reference in dialog. * v 0.1.1 * Enable "Run on Startup" by default. * v 0.1.0 * First beta release

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