Bolt Generator

Bolt Generator

Masoun Mardini
Y, M, 30 日間無償体験版



Bolt Generator:

An easy way to generate several types of bolts (Socket head, hex, oval, round counter sink etc) with extendable library.

Available library can be metric or in inches, depending on the bolt type. All libraries are in xml format which can be edited to fit the needs of the most used bolts to enhance speed of adding items to your design.

  • Ease of use, just select the type - size - length - where - and click.
  • Works offline; no need for importing any cloud objects.
  • All features are parametric.
  • When inserting several occurrences of a bolt only the first one is generated. The rest of the items are copied to place (no more cluttering of your design time-line).
  • After inserting a group it's minimized to reduce time-line cluttering.
  • Just one click to undo and remove the insertion command.
  • Preview option for slow computers.
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バージョン 1.1.0, 2019/10/01
New Python release 3.7.3 compatible


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