Tube Bending Data Exchanger

Tube Bending Data Exchanger



Tube Bending Data Exchanger is an add-in that allows Autodesk® Fusion 360™ to export and import tube geometries used with CNC bending machines (XYZ and LRA/YBC).

Create the tube geometry with Fusion 360 and export bending data in XYZ and LRA/YBC format. Or import XYZ data to automatically create the tube geometry in Fusion 360. The tube segment must start and end with a straight segment of tubing, and must be a constant diameter. Straight segments must alternate with bent segments.

The add-in uses text files that you can easily modify by hand and from which you can easily copy/paste data.

The add-in manages unit conversion: millimeter, centimeter, meter, inch and foot. You can design the tube in millimeters and export the data in inches for example. Or import data in centimeters from data specified in inches.

The add-in supports hollow tubes by setting outer diameter value and wall thickness value.

Sample files are provided in the installation folder of the add-in.


バージョン 1.0.0, 2021/09/13
First release


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