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nTop for Autodesk® Fusion®

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This is an Autodesk® Fusion® add-in for inserting implicit models created in nTop.


Once a .implicit model is inserted into a Fusion design, a single body component with a Volumetric lattice designation is created. This volumetric model can be used in the DESIGN workspace and other workspaces such as MANUFACTURE natively similar to other volumetric models created using Fusion's volumetric lattice feature. 


Prerequisite: Please note that you need to have nTop installed and licensed on your computer to use this add-in.

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Wersja, 24.06.2024
Initial release

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  • About resolution and usability
    Jean-Michel LE GOFF | lipca 10, 2024 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I agree with Ripfumelo, the basic representation in fusion is quite poor, even by editing the rendering parameters.
    what is frustrating also is the it's not working at all on Mac nor in Fusion Teams...

    I was also wondering Who is generating the "Bounding" box visible in Fusion,

    Is it Fusion which is creating it when opening an implicit model? or is it generated by nTop (I mean the rectangular bounding box)

    Could it be possible to embed in the Implicit geometry file the original nurbs surface instead?

    So Fusion could "intersect" the implicit geometry with the Nurbs shape so we can get a more realistic overview?

    Brent Ewald | lipca 11, 2024

    Thank you for the feedback. The rendering effects are not going to modify the appearance of a Volumetric Lattice. Keep in mind that the rendering you see is only a 'preview' and that any downstream operations will be evaluated at the full resolution provided by the implicit file. Currently the Add-in only supports windows. This is because nTop does not support Mac at this time, for More information you can reference nTop resources: https://support.ntop.com/hc/en-us/articles/360061698333-System-Requirements-Guide Fusion creates the bounding box 'container' for the nTop implicit. Currently the integration doesn't support the exchanging the original BRep geometry. However, if you have that geometry available in fusion you can do this manually. Place the body into the same component as the nTop implicit model, right click the bounding box body and 'Unassign Volumetric Lattice' then right click the original BRep geometry and 'Assign Volumetric Lattice'. This will accomplish your intended 'intersect' operation.

  • Update
    RIPFUMELO GODIE | czerwca 25, 2024 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I was initially startled by how the implicit models were displayed in Fusion 360, turns out the true fidelity is not lost. I got a fast response from one of Autodesk's Engineers explaining how to use the Add-on.

    Alexander Oster | czerwca 26, 2024

    Thank you for the feedback. It would be great to connect to look at your use case. Please understand that the visualization will for technical reasons show some loss in resolution, but all downstream processing (like toolpathing or meshing) will be done in the highest resolution possible.

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