Knurl maker

Knurl maker


System operacyjny:


The plugin creates knurl patterns on cylindrical, conical, toroidal, and NURBS surfaces. Attached videos explain and show examples of how to use it.


Available features:

  • straight, crossed (only for cylindrical), diagonal and diamond patterns for cylinders, cones, toruses, NURBS,
  • selecting multiple faces,
  • custom length of knurl,
  • swapping start-end side (for non-cylindrical faces),
  • TPI (from 8 - coarse to 80 - fine),
  • knurl angle (70, 80 or 90 degrees),
  • grooves number (for crossed pattern),
  • helix angle (10° - 45°, for diagonal and diamond patterns),
  • teeth direction (for diagonal and diamond patterns),
  • tip flattening factor (0 - 1, height = factor * half of tooth's depth)
  • fillet factor for grooves and tips (0 - 0.2, fillet radius = factor * tooth's height),
  • showing preview,
  • showing progress,
  • canceling process.


Execution of the plugin takes less than a half of minute on i7/8GB RAM/512GB SSD computer for 20mm diameter cylinder and medium TPI. For a large number of teeth, faces with complicated geometry (torus, NURBS), diagonal and diamond patterns it can take a few minutes per face. During the operation a progress bar with the current step is visible.



Please make sure that analysis is done (if necessary) before releasing the model to production. Remember that without tests usability of designed things can be poor and can cause injuries.

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Wersja 2.1.0, 26.05.2020
**Version 2.1.0 (2019-05-21):** New: * "Information" tab, * documentation link ("info" icon), * privacy policy link Fixes: * plugin now works with the new version of API, * IO errors when the user has no permissions to the plugin's folder

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Pomoc techniczna
  • Great tool
    Andreas Ranch | czerwca 05, 2020 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Work really well.

    Would be very nice if it would work inside a base feature. 

    Marcin Szydłowski (Wydawca) | czerwca 08, 2020

    Hello Andreas. Base feature is tested not only for this plugin. When there will be no problems it should be updated in this or next month.

    James Rothwell | stycznia 26, 2020 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Exacly what i was looking for, works perfect and saves me so much time doing it manualy.

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