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MissingSolutions for Autodesk® Fusion® is your ultimate time-saving companion and set of tools to save your valuable time while unlocking functionalities not readily available in the default program. Our suite of add-ons is designed to streamline sketching processes and introduce innovative features. Say goodbye to redundant clicking and hello to efficiency with a suite of tools designed to streamline your workflow. MissingSolution tool is used by multiple users and companies that are focused on improving their Fusion functionalities. The tools offer options such as backup of your projects in different formats, batch export of sheet metal flat patterns and active assembly, turning visibility components layers, letting the tool multiply operations for you and so much more. Try it out for free in our 14-day free trial, no credit card is required!


What can MissingSolutions add-on do for you?


Key Features:

  • Bulk Exporter: Seamlessly back up your entire cloud or selectively chosen projects in various file formats such as F3D, STEP, and PDF for DWG files. Preserve your project's directory structure effortlessly.
  • Vision: Gain control over component layers' visibility with ease. Toggle layers on and off, empowering you to work directly with the active component without unnecessary distractions.
  • Flat-pattern Batching: Revolutionize your sheet metal component exports. Effortlessly export all flat patterns, whether it's for individual components or the entire assembly. Streamline your workflow by creating batches or exporting all sheet metal flat patterns in one go.
  • Repeat Command Tool: Bid farewell to repetitive operations. Let our tool do the heavy lifting by automating and multiplying tasks for you. Save time and skip the hassle of countless clicks.
  • Parameters Pro Tool: Let you link Fusion parameters to an Excel file which helps you generate multiple model configurations.


MissingSolutions is your go-to toolkit for maximizing productivity within Fusion. Whether it's project backups, efficient component management, or batch exports, this app is your key to smoother workflows and more focused design sessions.

Unlock efficiency today with MissingSolutions.


Subscription Information:
For detailed pricing and plan information, visit our website at https://www.themissingsolutions.com/. Upon deciding to subscribe, simply log into your account on our site, where you can purchase the license from our shop. Once acquired, the license will automatically link to the email address specified in your Add-on section, granting immediate access to the tools.

For any queries, assistance, or feedback, our team at MissingSolutions is here to help! Drop us an email at themissingsolutions@gmail.com. We're dedicated to ensuring your experience with our app is smooth and productive. Your questions are important to us, and we're committed to providing timely support to address any concerns you might have.

Opis wersji testowej

Experience the full power of MissingSolutions with our hassle-free trial offer! Get started instantly and explore the capabilities of our add-in within Fusion.

Trial Details:

  • 1-Day Full Preview: Install the add-in and accept our terms and conditions along with the privacy policy to enjoy a comprehensive one-day trial. Dive right in and witness how our tools streamline your workflow.
  • 14-Day Free Trial Period: Once registered on our website, https://www.themissingsolutions.com/ and logged into your profile, you'll unlock a fourteen-day free trial period. Simply input your Autodesk email address in the Add-on section, and you're all set! No credit card is required.

What's Included:

  • No Credit Card Needed: Enjoy the trial period hassle-free without providing any credit card information.
  • Access to Full Features: Experience all the functionalities and tools within MissingSolutions during the trial period.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades: Subscriptions encompass all maintenance and future upgrades, ensuring you're always equipped with the latest enhancements.

Informacje na temat tej wersji

Wersja 1.0.0, 12.03.2024
Welcome to MissingSolutions v1.0.0! This inaugural release introduces a suite of powerful tools within Fusion, aimed at enhancing your workflow efficiency and streamlining your design process. Key Features: Bulk Exporter: Back up projects in various formats effortlessly. Vision: Control component layers' visibility for focused work. Flat-pattern Batching: Streamline sheet metal component exports. Repeat Command Tool: Automate repetitive operations, saving you time. Unlock the potential of your design work with this foundational version of MissingSolutions. Stay tuned for continuous updates and new features to further elevate your Fusion experience!

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