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Fabrio works with the Fabrio learning platform to provide structured courses with dynamic feedback, enhancing CAD education in Autodesk® Fusion 360™.


At different stages of each course, The Fabrio add-in is used to check the user's model against the correct model at that step. Any incorrect parts of the user's model are clearly highlighted in their model in Fusion 360. This allows for a faster and better understanding of any errors that the user has made.


This add-in allows for the use of Fusion 360 as both a CAD modeling software and an interactive CAD education tool.


NOTE: A Fabrio Account is required to use Fabrio.

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You can sign up for a 7-day trial for full access to all of Fabrio's content. Note that this requires you to enter your card details to start the free trial.

Alternatively, there are a few free courses that can be accessed by signing up to Fabrio but without entering any card details.

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Wersja 2.0.0, 31.10.2023
Version 2.0.0 introduces our new visual feedback style showing how a model differs from the correct model at that step in a course.

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  • Amazing software and customer support
    shmuel rabinow | grudnia 22, 2023

    Amazing software and customer support very helpful all around

  • Finally !!! - Ace CAD with Fabrio!
    Hamid Ghorshi | listopada 06, 2023

    Just wrapped up CAD learning with Fabrio and it's a game-changer. Their instant feedback as you work is top-notch, sorts out your mistakes on the fly. Proper useful for getting your head around the tricky bits, and it's dead quick too! 

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