ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter for Fusion 360™

ProtoTech's 3D PDF Exporter for Fusion 360™

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“3D PDF Exporter for Autodesk® Fusion 360™” exports the Fusion model to a 3D PDF (.pdf) file.


3D PDF is a popular format amongst a wide range of users belonging to a variety of disciplines.

Thus, ProtoTech's 3D PDF exporter aids in embedding your 3D designs into a document and sharing it with end-users, regardless of whether they have access to CAD software or not.


ProtoTech converter's outstanding features:


Some more features:  

  1. Supports face level colors
  2. There is always a default compression which helps reduce the file size as much as possible.
  3. Exports BRep bodies, Components, and Assemblies
  4. Support VisRep bodies to export.
  5. Export sketch data.
  6. Supports texture export.
  7. Supports properties export.


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Paid Version: 

  1. This is a paid version. You will receive an activation key automatically, via. email as soon as you purchase this product.
  2. The paid version of this product is a subscription-based single machine-locked license.
  3. We also provide a floating license, that costs 299 USD. Users can buy the floating license from here.
  4. For any queries regarding license/activation and any other issues, please feel free to contact
  5. For Licensing and more information about the product please click here.

Want to try out ProtoTech's plugin?

When you install the plugin for the first time, the free trial version is automatically activated. So, what do you get in the trial?

  1. 15 exports for 7 days.
  2. Access to the full set of features.

You can download the trial version from here.


Note: You will need to activate the paid version of the plugin after 15 trials / 7-days trial period. 

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Wersja 6.0.23279.3500, 04.12.2023
Added the Updated Preference UI Modified Merge PDF UI Fixed the linked entity issue Fixed the filename issue for different languages. Fixed issue for texture in mesh entity. Fixed transparency issue

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  • To install without doubt
    Davide Medei | czerwca 02, 2024 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Easy to use and creates PDFs exactly how I want them. ProtoTech also has an excellent support service that responds quickly and helps resolve problems. In my case, a file related to the license was corrupted but they resolved it quickly.

  • perfect
    Dirk Meyer | października 31, 2022

    I have been using the 3D PDF Exporter For Fusion360 for two years and am very satisfied. The programme is very easy to use and creates accurate 3D PDF files.
    The renewal of my licence worked perfectly and all messages were answered promptly.
    Very good service and keep it up...

  • Anythong fine
    Thomas Vilz | lipca 16, 2020

    Works finge, stabile snd fast.

    Do exactly and perfect his Job .

  • Very usefull tool.
    Tomu Nakano | grudnia 11, 2019

    Very convenient and stable operation.

    The customer support was also kindly. I'm looking forward to updates.

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