Planetary gears maker

Planetary gears maker


System operacyjny:


The plugin creates planetary gears set with straight, helical, double helical (*) and herringbone (*) teeth. Models are created in a new document as direct design.


Available features:

  • Module (m) <0.5, 20> [mm],
  • Tooth view type: normal, axial,
  • Pressure angle (α) <14.5, 25> [°],
  • Clearance factor (cf) <0.1, 0.25>,
  • Gears thickness (t) <1m, 50m> [mm],
  • Teeth shape: straight, helical (right/left), double helical, herringbone,
  • Helix angle (β) <10, 40> [°],
  • Groove width (gw) <1m, t-2m> [mm],
  • Groove depth (gd) <0, rf> [mm],
  • Sun teeth number (zs) <8, 100>,
  • Sun backlash (bs) <-0.2, 0.2> [mm],
  • Sun profile shift factor (xs) <-1, 1>,
  • Sun teeth direction: right, left,
  • Planet teeth number (zp) <8, 100>,
  • Planet backlash (bp) <-0.2, 0.2> [mm],
  • Planet profile shift factor (xp) <-1, 1>,
  • Number of planets (N) <1, limited by number of sun, ring teeth and free space between them),
  • Ring teeth number (zr) <24, 300>,
  • Ring backlash (br) <-0.2, 0.2> [mm],
  • Ring profile shift factor (xr) <-1, 1>,
  • Chamfers: none, both sides,
  • Width factor of chamfer (fw) <0, 0.25>,
  • Height factor of chamfer (fh) <0, 0.25>
  • Save, load, reset parameters,
  • Auto-loading last used parameters,
  • Showing progress,
  • Displaying estimated time,
  • Ability of cancelling process,
  • Adding revolute joints,
  • Axes in each gear,
  • 3 modes of working with profile shifting: P0 (none), automatic (ring enlarged by max. 2 teeth), manual (full control of coefficients and center distance),
  • preview: 3D model, 3D model with descriptions


Execution of the plugin for small (ex. z12-18-48) takes about a half minute on i7/8GB RAM/512GB SSD computer. For a larger number of teeth, helical teeth shape, options with chamfers it can take a few minutes. During the operation a progress bar with the current step is visible. The process can be canceled.




The program doesn't check interferences automatically and doesn't perform any analyse of prepared components. Please make sure that necessary check is done before releasing this onto production. Samples on how to perform interference, sections and motion analysis is presented on my YouTube channel.


(*) Non-separable sets can be manufactured by 3D printers (toys, proof of concepts).

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Informacje na temat tej wersji

Wersja 3.0.5, 20.05.2020
**Version 3.0.5 (2020-02-20):** New: * menu section at the top, * save, load, reset moved from bottom to menu, * preview (none, 3D, 3D with descriptions), * profile shifting mode (P0 - zero, automatic, manual), * center distance (in manual mode), * adding revolute joints, * displaying estimated time, * process can be canceled, * axis in each gear Changes: * better work with profile shifting: none, auto or manual mode, * better algorithm for generating tooth's profile no matter it is with undercut or not, * setting the number of ring teeth not available in P0 mode, * setting profile factors only available in manual mode, * no separate clearance per gear, * range of module (m): <0.5, 20> [mm], * range of pressure angle (α): <14.5, 25> [°], * range of clearance factor (fc): <0.1, 0.25>, * range of thickness (t): <1m, 50m> [mm], * range of groove width (gw): <1m, t-2m> [mm] (double helical gears only), * range of groove depth (gd): <0, rf> [mm] (double helical gears only), * range of helix angle (β): <10, 40> [°], * range of sun teeth number (zs): <8, 100>, * range of backlashes (bs, bp, br): <-0.2, 0.2> [mm], * range of profile factors (xs, xp, xr): <-1, 1>, * range of planet teeth number (zp): <8, 100>, * range of ring teeth number (zr): <24, 300>, * two additional modes of chamfers: {right only, left only}, * range of chamfer width factor (fw): <0.1m, 0.25m>, * range of chamfer height factor (fh): <0.1m, 0.25m>, * top land thickness (crest width) less than m/10 doesn't block process, * gears automatically are created in a new file, * direct design instead of parametric, * better descriptions with graphics for all inputs, * new (blue) plugin's icon Fixes: * "radial" mode changed to "axial" (visible for helical, double helical or herringbone teeth)

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