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MapBoards is a utility to arrange the cut layout and a lite version of DXF output for laser, CNC cutting, and conventional woodworking projects using Autodesk® Fusion 360™.


It will perform the following steps.

  • Arrange copies of model components on a cut layout of the specified dimensions minimizing waste
  • Create a flat panel sketch from the cut layout (optional)
  • Export the sketch as a multi-layered DXF file (optional) - This is a lite version for simple cutouts. MapBoards Pro has the full support of Export to DXF for menu command and the context menu of the map component in the Browser.
  • The model can include linked components or assemblies


The sketch and DXF file will be adjusted for the specified kerf of the laser cutter. See a full product description here. MapBoards 


If you are creating flat panel designs exclusively then the Pro version is a better choice with the superior DXF and SVG output. The Pro version will have future enhancements.


Compare features with Pro


Note: MapBoards is included as an icon on the toolbar of the Design Workspace.

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