Windings Ropes and Coils

Windings Ropes and Coils

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The add-in is perfect for Autodesk® Fusion 360™ Beginners, for designers of homeware and jewellery, and for 3D-printing fans.


You can easily draw complex looped forms just by experimenting with the settings.


To get control over the settings just look at the posted pictures and the settings you see there.


It does not need any curves drawn by the user. Everything is drawn by the settings.


You can draw Blades, vases, lampshades, bowls, bangles, jewellery and decorate them with nice winded patterns, but also round baskets and technical coils are easily created.

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Wersja 1.0, 28.10.2021
Initial release.

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  • Works great!
    Kevin Kennedy | października 09, 2021

    Add-in works as expected. Was able to experiment with some 3D printed vases and other cool shapes that would've been time-consuming to create from scratch.

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