Mold Commands

Mold Commands

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  1. Create a nested box - A die outline (cuboid) is generated by giving a margin distance or x-axis, y-axis, and Z-axis dimensions to the product solid.
  2. Create a nested cylinder - A die outline (cylindrical body) is generated by giving a cylindrical radius, height, and depth distance to the product solid.
  3. Parting surfaces generation command by parting lines extrusion - Generate parting surfaces by extruding edge lines (parting lines).
  4. Parting surfaces generation command by parting lines offset - Generate parting surfaces by offsetting the edge lines (parting lines).
  5. Connection surface generation (fill the gap between parting surfaces) command - Generate a parting surface in the gap between parting surfaces that are not connected.
  6. Split command by parting surface - The mold core is divided into the cores on the parting surface.
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Wersja 2.1.0, 2019-09-06
In v1, commands such as nesting generation, extrusion parting surface generation, offset parting surface generation, surface generation to fill the parting surface, and division by parting surface are provided. In v2, a variation of nesting box dimension input was added, and cylindrical nesting was supported. In V2.1, the help has been improved.

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  • It is the exact tool i need
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    Thanks for the tool. It works amazing



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