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This app implements a command which creates CAM instructions of a component by collecting CAM instructions of its sub-components.

CAM aggregation is achieved by traversing through the sub-components of a layout design, fetching their individual CAM instructions and combining them into instructions for the layout.

Example workflow:

  1. Design individual parts in separate Autodesk® Fusion 360™ designs;
  2. For each part create CAM instructions in their manufacturing workspace;
  3. Create sheet layout designs with the part components imported into the layout design;
  4. Run the command;
  5. Pick components to be included, select layout origin and orientation and select other options;
  6. After clicking ok select where to save the design;
  7. Upon completion, a prompt saying that it is done will appear.
  8. For more details read our blog post about what benefits such workflow entails.

WARNING. Make sure to simulate the final G-code in a simulator and then in your machine control software before running the actual machining. Although we try our best to avoid any issues and solve them as soon as we find them, there are far too many designs, post-processors, software and machine combinations for us to test and avoid issues and, therefore, we cannot take any responsibility for any damage and costs incurred due errors and bugs. We will appreciate it if you can share the issues with us once you spot them so that we can fix them before other users run into them.

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