Command Map for Autodesk® Fusion® 360™

Command Map for Autodesk® Fusion® 360™

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The Fusion 360 Command Map provides an interactive view of a user’s current skills with Fusion 360, facilitates comparisons with industry experts, and recommends personalized learning materials. The command map offers the following features: 


  • In-product panel that recommends commands to learn next based on your personal usage patterns 
  • Personalized recommendations of help resources, video resources, and peers that can help you expand your knowledge of Fusion 360 features 
  • A timeline view that allows you to see how your skills have changed over time 
  • Industry views to compare your usage patterns to experts in various industries, such as Industrial Design, Manufacturing Engineering, etc.


The Fusion Command Map was developed by Autodesk Research and is part of the larger Autodesk Learning Engine project, which aims to build a data-driven platform for delivering highly customized learning experiences to our customers. The goal is to re-imagine our products and services as learning platforms where customers learn and grow throughout their careers, simply by getting their work done. 


For questions about the Autodesk Learning Engine project, or for feedback or feature requests for the Fusion Command Map, please contact 

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  • Great feature!
    Igor Andreev | agosto 21, 2020 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    This is a really cool feature! Thank you so much!

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