Wire Generator


Automatically generates wires in Autodesk Fusion®.

No more tedious splines or tricky 3D sketches. With this tool, simply select your start and end points, input your parameters, and the program generates several spline variations. Select the right one for your fit, and easily adjust by changing the spline points.

For additional information, please check out the GitHub



Start point: Starting point of the wire, must be created on the same sketch as the endpoint, even if it is a 3D sketch

Endpoint: The ending point of the wire

Plane: The plane on which your sketch (2D or 3D) was created, that contains both the start and end points

Number of Points: Number of points to be generated other than selected start-end points

Wire Radius: The radius of the wire that is going to be generated

Spread: The Spread of the points that are going to be generated for a spline

Iterations: Number of spline variations generated

Angle: Adjust the angle of the wire generated —— may depend on the coordinate axis of your sketch

Angle Variance: Deviation of the angle —— Scalar of preset value (not exactly degrees but close)

Distance from Midpoint: Perpendicular distance of the generated spline points from the Start-end line midpoint —— Scalar of preset value, not based on mm) 

Disable Sweep: Activating Disable sweep will only generate the spline and not perform the sweep path motion that creates the body

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Версия 1.0.0, 11.04.2024
Initial release with Basic functionality Button on Utilities toolbar added

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  • awesome
    Zoltan Toth | июня 11, 2024

    thanks for this addon ! it spped up my process a lot ! because wires are always a mess to create