This app is intended for the design of products with functional surfaces. The quality of functional surfaces directly determines the quality of the product as a whole. This app works with external surfaces of aircraft, ships, automobiles, the working surfaces of blades of pumps, compressors and turbines of aircraft engines, propellers, the working surfaces of tillage machinery, cam surface in the cam mechanism, road surface and canal surface.


The functional surfaces are based on the characteristic curves including the functional curves: directing curve of plow, profile of wing or of blade of compressor, turbine, pump, flat profile of the cam, plane trace of road, etc. The authors performed a deep theoretical research on the analysis of the quality requirements for functional curves, independent of the specific conditions of work and type of product. The authors developed the concept of the use of functional curves of high quality according to certain criteria of smoothness and modeling techniques.


The concept and implementation of the application FairCurveModeler is a versatile and cheap means of improving the quality of the designed product. If you follow the requirements of the concept and use this application, without design tweaks, you can improve the geometry of your project.


The application FairCurveModeler does not require a highly skilled designer. Even in a non-uniform arrangement of points FairCurveModeler creates high-quality curve. Without exhausting the fit of curves to the desired quality, in a shorter time you will design a better product.


The application uses a unique method of constructing so called virtual curve (v-curve) of high quality on criteria of smoothness (5th order of smoothness with a minimum number of curvature extreme). V-curve is constructed on base polyline or on tangent polyline. V-curve exactly represents the conics. V-curve does not have an analytic expression and isogeometrically approximated by rational Bezier spline (NURBzS) or by rational b-spline curve (NURBS) of high degrees m (m = 6 / 8 / 10). 

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  • 12€ / month Oo
    Zoltan Toth | августа 06, 2017

    12€ / month for make curves oO I want to buy them because I think it's 12€ /buy but no ! it's monthly pay oO it give 144€ by year for a 1Mo plugin !