QR Code Creator

QR Code Creator

Kevin Ramsay



This add-in will create a QR code from the text. 


The QR code is automatically generated from a user-specified text. There are also options to modify the size of each QR code "segment", modify the spacing between each QR code "segment", include a "frame" and change the style of the QR code (squares or circles) depending on the required result.  You also have the option to include an icon to the middle of the QR code.

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Версия 5.0, 21.04.2021
- Added icon support. Now you can place an icon in the middle of the QR code. (Please email me if you would like a new icon added to the selection)

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  • Excellent! Just what I needed :)
    Nicholas Etheridge | февраля 21, 2019 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Kevin has written a great little plugin here, and even added some extra functionality to it that I needed!  Very easy to use.