Quick Open


Quick Open lets you quickly open files in Autodesk® Fusion 360™. Just press a hotkey and type some letters of the filename - Quick Open will present a list of matching files, just as in Microsoft® Visual Studio Code or Sublime® Text (no affiliations).


  • Find designs by fuzzy search, matching project, folder and file name.
  • Quickly reopen the most recently closed design(s). Recently used designs are shown on top. (The most recent design can be opened by just two key presses: Ctrl+E, Enter)
  • Find and insert designs into the current design (linked insert).
  • Show the currently open design file on the Autodesk Drive web page.


Ctrl+E is the recommended hotkey to use for opening files.

The add-in is available as a free trial for evaluation. The trial has no usage limit, but the user has to wait every time a file is opened using the add-in.


Quick Open is provided as a trial, making it possible for you to evaluate the add-in. The trial version can be upgraded to a full license by purchasing a license key using the License wizard in the add-in or by visiting the Axalea Store.

Trial limitations:

  • The user must wait 15 seconds after selecting a file to open before the file is opened.


版本 1.3.1, 2023/5/30
* Support for inserting linked designs using Shift+Enter. * Support for Fusion 360™ 2.0.15995 x86_64 (release in April 2023) * Fix bug: Support more than 256 files



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