Axalea Toolbar & Shortcuts Editor

Axalea Toolbar & Shortcuts Editor



Toolbar & Shortcuts Editor provides a toolbar configuration window that lets you add commands to any toolbar panel, as well as assign keyboard shortcuts to them.

Toolbar & Shortcuts Editor also provides a Favorites panel for each workspace, that is always visible, regardless of what toolbar tab you select.

If you have previously installed the beta version from the forums, please uninstall it first to avoid an installer conflict.


  • Add commands to any toolbar panel.
  • Easily pin and unpin commands on panels.
  • Favorites panel, that is available on every tab (= always visible). One for each workspace.
  • Assign keyboard shortcuts to many existing Autodesk® Fusion 360® commands.
  • List all currently assigned keyboard shortcut assignments (experimental).
  • Forced shortcuts: Assign keyboard shortcuts to any keyboard key and override unchangeable Fusion 360 keyboard shortcuts (experimental, does not work in Drawing workspace).
  • Forced shortcuts: Assign mouse buttons (combined with ctrl, alt, shift) as shortcuts. (Buttons: Left, middle, right, back, forward). (experimental, does not work in Drawing workspace)


Here are some of the commands for which you can assign a keyboard shortcut (many of which you cannot edit without this add-in):

  • Activate component (FusionActivateLocalCompCmd)
  • Isolate, isolate all & unisolate (IsolateCmd, UnisolateCmd, UnisolateAllCmd)
  • Pan cursor (PanCommand)
  • Paste New (A component must be selected) (FusionPasteNewCommand)
  • Set and reset orbit center (SetOrbitCenterCommand, ResetOrbitCenterCommand)
  • Show All Bodies/Components (for selected in Browser) (ShowAllBodiesCmd, ShowAllComponentsCmd)
  • Zoom cursor (ZoomCommand)
  • Zoom Window (drag a rectangle) (ZoomWindowViewCmd)
  • Previous/Next Workspace (CycleWorkspacesBackwardCommand, CycleWorkspacesForwardCommand)


Not all menu actions (e.g. "Home view") are represented as commands in Fusion 360. As such, they don't show up in Toolbar & Shortcuts Editor. The add-in Extra Shortcuts can be used to expand the selection of available commands.


Note: The add-in lists all commands that it can find in Fusion 360. Not all commands are meant to be executed directly and might not do anything or, in the worst case, make Fusion 360 crash. It is recommended that you save your current work before experimenting with new commands.


Toolbar & Shortcuts Editor is provided as a trial, making it possible for you to evaluate the add-in. The trial version can be upgraded to a full license by purchasing a license key using the License wizard in the add-in or by visiting the Axalea Store.

Trial limitations:

  • Only one added toolbar/menu item will be saved when exiting Fusion 360.
  • It's only possible to set keyboard shortcuts 3 times per session.
  • ForcedshortcutswillnotbesavedwhenexitingFusion360.


版本 1.0.0, 2023/12/8
* Forced Mouse Shortcuts * Fix problem where "text edit" key combinations could not be used as Forced Keyboard Shortcut (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, ..)



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